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Author: Emily

With the ‘season to be jolly’ around the corner, it is a time to be merry, spend with friends and family and join in on the festivities. For those who are conscious of putting on the pounds with all the celebrations commencing, this time will test even those with the greatest of will power. Here are some tips to help keep yourself on track before, during, and after the party season. Most importantly make sure you enjoy time off with your nearest and dearest! Party Pump It’s always a good idea if

What is Resistance Training? Resistance training is simply - lifting heavy things, weight training, moving your limbs against a resisting force provided by your body weight, bands, bars, dumbbells, gravity or weighted machines. What Are The Benefits of Resistance Training? There are a number of health benefits by incorporating weight training into your fitness regime and over the years with the rise in popularity of the bodybuilder image, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and other strong and sculpted icons, resistance training has definitely taken off and is known to be a way to get ‘the look’